Redhouse Nursing & Residential Home
Philosophy Of Care

According to the definition of the term philosophy.

Principles in the field of knowledge,
i.e. Nursing
As a particular field of ethics,
i.e. caring
We aim to produce a protocol showing the ability to promote care.

The aims and objectives of the care package for all Resident's at Redhouse Nursing and Residential Home are:

1. Equality for everyone
2. Provision of 24 hour professional care.
3. Whilst maintaining a holistic approach, individualised care for each specific need will be met.
4. Maintaining dignity, show compassion and empathy to all residents, relatives and friends.
5. Care staff will be outgoing and friendly. They are trained to standards set by current protocols.
6. Trained staff have the knowledge and ability to promote high standards of care and the ability to deliver such care.
7. The ability to co-ordinate with outside agencies and to be part of a team that promotes quality care.
8. Support and care to all will continue throughout the dying process, ensuring that
the best interests and wishes of the Resident, family, and friends are upheld.
9. The trained staff will always be the advocate of the Residents wishes.
10.The aims and objectives relating to Resident's needs will always be obtainable.

The availability of professionally trained nurses to counsel, advise, and listen to the Resident's needs is our primary aim. This will enable all staff to communicate with the Resident and discuss their needs and for their needs to be met.

Families have to be aware of the diagnosis and prognosis, along with the Resident. The knowledge and skills of the trained staff will assist in the Resident's further understanding of their condition and outcome.

Social activities will continue as long as the Resident is willing and able.

As with all admissions to Redhouse, the care and comfort of Residents are of prime concern. Carers who care and are willing and able as well as trained to meet the standards that are set. The trained professional Nurses are continually updating in new methods in general and psychiatric fields of care.

We also provide long and short term nursing care.